Friday, December 24, 2010

More Dominant Pitching, 2010

3.75+ K/BB, 1.15 WHIP or lower, 160+ IP (2010)
Cliff Lee (Mariners/Rangers) 10.28 K/BB, 1.00 WHIP
Roy Halladay (Phillies) 7.30, 1.04
Jered Weaver (Angels) 4.31, 1.07
Josh Johnson (Marlins) 3.88, 1.11
Shaun Marcum (Blue Jays) 3.84, 1.15
Adam Wainwright (Cardinals) 3.80, 1.05
Mat Latos (Padres) 3.78, 1.08
Ted Lilly (Cubs/Dodgers) 3.77, 1.08

Not too many surprises, and it's one more reminder how great the Phillies' rotation should be next year.  Shaun Marcum was traded to the Brewers earlier this month, and he could be part of a good rotation in 2011 (with Zack Greinke and Yovani Gallardo).  He had missed all of 2009 after Tommy John surgery and had much better control (2 BB/9 from 3 BB/9 in 2008). 

Ted Lilly pitched even better after being traded to the Dodgers (5.13 K/BB, .991 WHIP; 3.07 K/BB, 1.14 WHIP with Cubs), which could bode well because he signed a 3 year contract with them (his ERA was much better at Dodger Stadium than Wrigley Field).


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