Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Pitching: 2nd Half, 2010

90+ IP, 2.50 ERA or lower (Post All Star Break, 2010)
Felix Hernandez (Mariners) 112 IP, 1.53 ERA (2010 overall: 249.2 IP, 2.27 ERA)
Max Scherzer (Tigers) 102, 2.47 (195.2, 3.50)
Cole Hamels (Phillies) 96.2, 2.23 (208.2, 3.06)
Wandy Rodriguez (Astros) 93.2, 2.11 (195, 3.60)
Roy Oswalt (Astros/Phillies) 91.2, 2.36 (211.2, 2.76)
Daniel Hudson (White Sox/D-Backs) 91.1, 2.07 (95.1, 2.45)

It's another reminder of how good the Phillies' rotation should be this year and that Felix Hernandez could be a 25-game winner on a good team. 

I thought a year ago that Wandy Rodriguez might have a breakout season in 2010, but he got off to a bad start and wasn't able to recover in time.  His SO/BB got worse last year, but he still strikes out over 8 hitters per 9 innings and is difficult to hit.  He is a decent candidate once again for a breakout season.

Max Scherzer also started very slow (3-6, 6.14 ERA on June 15th), but he showed how dominating he can be in the final few months.  Over the final 2 months, he had 73 SO and only allowed 22 walks.

Daniel Hudson came out of nowhere and is due to come back to earth a little bit, but he might be a top-line starter in 2011 too.  Over the final 2 months of his season, he struck out 70 and only allowed 16 walks.  He'll be one of the more interesting starters to watch at the beginning of the season.

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