Sunday, April 3, 2011

The last teams to get a win (2002-2010)

Longest winless streak to start season (2002-2010)
2002: Tigers 0-11 (55-106)
2003: Tigers 0-9 (43-119)
2004: Mariners 0-5 (63-99)
2005: Mets 0-5 (83-79)
2006: Pirates 0-6 (67-95)
2007: Astros 0-4 (73-89)
2008: Tigers 0-7 (74-88)
2009: Nationals 0-7 (59-103)
2010: Astros 0-8 (76-86)
2011: Rays, Red Sox, Astros, Brewers 0-3

The Brewers (Reds), Astros (Phillies) and Red Sox (Rangers) were all playing 2010 playoff teams, while the Rays were playing the Orioles, who lost 96 games last year but are expected to be much improved this year.  Starting 0-3 isn't promising, but it's not very difficult to overcome.  If any of them get to 0-5 or worse, though, they're probably looking at a very tough season ahead.

Update (4/8):  The Rays outlasted everyone and, at 0-6, are the last team standing after Boston defeated  New York 9-6 this afternoon.


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