Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World Series Champs: The Next Season

World Series Champions (1st 10 Games of following season)
1999 Yankees 7-3 (98-64)
2000 Yankees 7-3 (87-74)
2001 Yankees: 7-3 (95-65)
2002 D-Backs 5-5 (98-64)
2003 Angels 5-5 (77-85)
2004 Marlins 8-2 (83-79)
2005 Red Sox 5-5 (95-67)
2006 White Sox 5-5 (90-72)
2007 Cardinals 5-5 (78-84)
2008 Red Sox 5-5 (95-67)
2009 Phillies 4-6 (93-69)
2010 Yankees 7-3 (95-67)
2011 Giants 1-4 (?)

They don't usually get off to a great start (the average # of victories over the first ten games for these 12 years is 5.83), but only 1 team has been under .500.  The last time a WS champ got off to a terrible start was 1998, when the fire-sale Marlins started 1-9 on their way to 54-108.  There is still time for the Giants to rebound, but they might be in trouble if the Dodgers and Giants are both serious contenders.


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