Saturday, August 6, 2011

Award Winners, as of today

1. Ryan Braun
2. Lance Berkman
3. Matt Kemp

1. Curtis Granderson
2. Adrian Gonzalez
3. Miguel Cabrera

NL Cy Young
1. Roy Halladay
2. Clayton Kershaw
3. Ryan Vogelsong

AL Cy Young
1. Jared Weaver
2. Justin Verlander
3. C.C. Sabathia

These are as of today, and obviously subject to the change.  If Jared Weaver allows 10 ER in 2 IP in his next start, he'll drop precipitously on all lists.  These picks are who I think would win it if the season ended today.  It's also mostly who I think should win it, although I followed the patterns the awards have followed, such as the fact that it's nearly impossible for a player on a non-playoff team to win the AL MVP Award (A-Rod in 2003 is the only exception since Cal Ripken in 1991).  

These will change, because some players are coming on fast (including some not on the list like Justin Upton), and others might be falling (like Adrian Gonzalez).  There are some very tough calls (like leaving off Jose Bautista), but it's a snapshot that will need to be revisited.

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