Thursday, August 25, 2011

Michael Young

Michael Young: ML Rank (2003-present)
#1 30+ 2B (9)
#2 H (1775)
#2 200+ H (5)
#2 PA (6200)
#2 2B (339)
#3 G (1373)
#9 R (848)

.310, 800+ R, 100+ HR (2003-present)
Albert Pujols
Miguel Cabrera
Michael Young
Derek Jeter

Hits (Age 26-34)
1833 Paul Waner
1824 Pete Rose
1805 Ichiro Suzuki
1794 Lou Gehrig
1785 Stan Musial
1775 Michael Young

Seasons w/ 200+ H (since 1935)
10 Ichiro Suzuki
10 Pete Rose
7 Wade Boggs
7 Derek Jeter
6 Steve Garvey
6 Stan Musial
5 Michael Young
5 Kirby Puckett
5 Tony Gwynn

Michael Young is quietly having another excellent season, and has a decent shot at his 2nd batting title if Adrian Gonzalez falters down the stretch.  He has been a hit machine for nearly a decade, and has over 2000 hits to show for it. 

For most players, having 2000 hits at age 34 would not bode well for reaching 3000, but Michael Young has shown no signs of slowing down, having one of his best seasons this year.  The only other active player under 35 with 2000 hits is Albert Pujols.  If he doesn't get 3000 hits, he's probably not going to the Hall of Fame, but it is striking to see some of the company he is in even today.


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