Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are Michael Young and Victor Martinez starting a trend?

13 or fewer HR, 100+ RBI (since 1939)
4 1945 (Bob Elliott, Luis Olmo, Andy Pafko, Dixie Walker)
2 2011 (Michael Young, Victor Martinez)
2 1948 (Hoot Evers, Frank McCormick)
2 1944 (Bob Elliott, Ray Sanders)

This might change if Young (11 HR, 105 RBI) or Martinez (11 HR, 102 RBI) hit a bunch of home runs over the final couple of games, but it is true for now.  They'll be only the 3rd and 4th hitters since 1988 to accomplish this, with Paul Molitor (1996) and Jeff Cirillo (2000) being the others. 

It might be the beginning of a trend, but it's difficult to say.  They are both on excellent offensive teams and hit nearly .400 with RISP, which probably means this will continue to be a rare event.  It is a welcome development in the context of home runs going down throughout baseball, and to see these two both hitting clean up on top flight offenses.

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