Saturday, September 10, 2011

How clutch are the Tigers?

BA with Runners in Scoring Position, 2011 (150+ PA)
.402 Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)
.394 Victor Martinez (Tigers)
.387 Joey Votto (Reds)
.374 Michael Young (Rangers)
.338 Jhonny Peralta (Tigers)
There are a lot of reasons why the Tigers might be a tough draw in the playoffs right now.  Beyond having to face Justin Verlander at least once and seeing their ability to come back from a deficit almost at will, this stat should worry any pitching staff.  This is not some fluke over a month, it is for the entire season.  They have three of the top five in hitting with RISP, with Martinez and Cabrera also the top 2 with runners on (Peralta only hits .306 with runners on).  As a team, they're 2nd in hitting with RISP to the Cardinals (.284 vs. .286).

The biggest thing holding them back from consistently being a top flight offense is that guys at the top of the lineup aren't very patient and don't get on base enough (although Austin Jackson is hitting .361 in September).

The Yankees and Red Sox both have some excellent pitchers, but they have struggled recently (Yankees are 15th in team ERA since the All Star Break, and the Red Sox are 20th).  They won't be able to pitch around Miguel Cabrera or Victor Martinez (and they'll have to watch out for newly acquired Delmon Young too), so it could be a tough matchup for either of them


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