Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Darren Oliver

4+ SO/BB, 50+ IP, 7.5+ SO/9 (2010 & 2011)
J.J. Putz (Career: 3.2 SO/BB, 9.3 SO/9)
Roy Halladay (3.7, 6.9)
Rafael Betancourt (4.6, 9.6)
Cliff Lee (3.4, 7.3)
Darren Oliver (1.7, 5.8)

He wasn't able to close out Game 6, but what Darren Oliver has done over the last few years is remarkable.  It makes you wonder what his career numbers would be if he had been in the bullpen his entire career (his ERA this year was 2.29, his career ERA is 4.60).  Oliver is a free agent and apparently wants to return for at least another year.  He shouldn't have too much trouble finding a team considering he has been one of the best left-handed middle relievers over the past few years.

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