Saturday, March 17, 2012

Andy Pettitte's Return

10+ wins, 3.50 ERA or lower (39+ years, LHP since 1965)
1984 Jerry Koosman
1988 Jerry Reuss
2002 Jamie Moyer
2003 Jamie Moyer
2004 Randy Johnson
2005 Kenny Rogers

Andy Pettitte, who will be 40 in June, is trying to make a comeback with the Yankees.  This is something that the Yankees have the luxery to do, and it makes sense.  They tend to do better in the postseason with Pettitte, and it'll be worth it if he can make a contribution in October.  Older lefties, especially those not named Jamie Moyer, haven't had much success, but Pettitte does have a shot at 39 coming off a year off.

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