Sunday, March 25, 2012

A golden age of second baseman?

OPS, Second Baseman (at least 80% of games) 2000+ AB (since 1915)
.899 Charlie Gehringer (1924-1942)
.882 Chase Utley (2003-present)
.855 Jeff Kent (1992-2008)
.846 Tony Lazzeri (1926-1939)
.843 Robinson Cano (2005-present)
.837 Dustin Pedroia (2006-present)
.824 Ian Kinsler (2006-present)
.824 Dan Uggla (2006-present)
.823 Bobby Doerr (1937-1951)
.822 Joe Gordon (1938-1950)

The next 3 on the list are Joe Morgan, Roberto Alomar and Ryne Sandberg.  Everyone on the list who has become eligible for the Hall of Fame has inducted, and Jeff Kent will certainly follow in a few years.  None of the active players are locks for the Hall of Fame, although Robinson Cano and Dustin Pedroia might be in a few years if they stay healthy. 

Chase Utley has the talent, but he hasn't been able to stay healthy and it might be too late to catch up (he turned 33 in the offseason).  Ian Kinsler and Dan Uggla are quality players, but don't seem to be Hall of Fame players right now.  Then again, they might have a chance because they will be judged against other second baseman. 

They might also be harmed by the fact that they won't stand out as much from other second baseman as someone like Jeff Kent did during his career.  This is a great era of second baseman, and all of them could still reach the Hall of Fame.

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