Friday, April 13, 2012

Best/Worst Pitching 2012

OPS Against

1. Phillies, .500
2. Nationals, .514
3. Royals, .558

28. Reds, .850
29. Rockies, .863
30. Yankees, .930

There are some nice surprises here, such as Kansas City (29th in starters OPS allowed last year).  The Yankees being dead last by a wide margin is a little jarring, although it does reflect only starts.  Two of those starts have been by C.C. Sabathia, and we have to assume he'll get better. 

It has to be disconcerting for an organization that is expecting a championship and has a payroll over $200 million to see such poor starting pitching for the first week.  There are questions about all of their starters except for Sabathia, and winning the AL East with a weak rotation could prove tough even to the Yankees.

1. Diamondbacks, .438
2. White Sox, .512
3. Pirates, .529

28. Angels, .857
29. Rays, .864
30. Giants, .919

The Giants did have the one terrible game in Colorado, but this has to be a concern to all of these teams that are expected to contend and have excellent pitching.  Again, it is very early, but these might show a disturbing trend that could make life difficult for some teams with high expectations. 

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