Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why is Atlanta scoring so many runs?

The Atlanta Braves are #1 in runs scored, after being #22 last year.  Looking at the other numbers, you would expect that the Rangers, Cardinals or Yankees would be leading in runs.  How are the Braves doing it?

Atlanta Offense - 2012
#1, R
#6, BA
#9, OBP
 #6, SLG
#5, OPS
t-#7, HR
t-#8, 2B
#7, OPS with RISP
#19, OPS with no runners on
t-#1, OPS with runners on

In 2011, they were #21 in BA and #22 in OPS with runners on.  The resurgence of Jason Heyward is playing a big role (.682 OPS with runners on in 2011, .978 this year), but the biggest story is Freddie Freeman.  He is hitting 1.252 with runners on (3 HR, 13 RBI in 27 AB) after .826 (with a solid .306 BA) in 2011.  If the veterans can stay healthy, the Braves could have their best offense in years.

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