Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Highest K/9

K/9 (2000-present)
2012: Tigers (8.60)
2011: Braves (8.10)
2010: Giants (8.20)
2009: Giants (8.10)
2008: Cubs (7.84)
2007: Cubs (7.82)
2006: Cubs (7.85)
2005: Cubs (8.27)
2004: Cubs (8.27)
2003: Cubs (8.68)
2002: Cubs (8.32)
2001: Cubs (8.42)
2000: D-Backs (7.61)

It is going to be very difficult for the Tigers to continue this pace, because Max Scherzer probably won't continue to strike out 12 hitters per 9 innings (staying above 10 will be a challenge).  They still have a great shot at leading the league in strikeouts if Scherzer and Verlander stay healthy, although that won't mean very much if they continue to play like they've been playing.


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