Monday, May 21, 2012

Yovani Gallardo

100+ Starts, 9.20+ K/9, .590 W-L%, SO/BB 2.50 (by age 26, since 1900)
Pedro Martinez
Tim Lincecum
Johan Santana
Clayton Kershaw
Yovani Gallardo
Mark Prior

Gallardo, who turned 26 earlier this year, has struggled a bit this year, especially in April (2-3, 6.08 ERA in April, 1-3 3.00 ERA in May).  He hasn't had a true breakout season yet (3.52 ERA is his lowest in a full season), but he is already piling up some impressive numbers and should have 1000 career strikeouts early next season. 

It takes some pitchers a little bit longer to figure it all out (Justin Verlander had never finished a season with an ERA below 3.37 until last year despite some very impressive seasons), and Gallardo is a prime candidate to break out and win a Cy Young one of these years.


  1. Interesting about pitchers breaking out. Sandy Koufax was mediocre before a catcher offered suggestions that really turned his career around


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