Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guest Post - 5 Reasons Baseball is America's Favorite Pastime

5 Reasons Baseball is America’s Favorite Pastime

Hot summer days spent out at the ballpark, cold frothy beers or icy sodas in hand, a bag of peanuts resting on your lap… Baseball has long been hailed America’s favorite pastime. Who doesn’t love the crack of the bat making contact with the ball, and the anticipation that builds as the ball soars through the air, each fan holding their breath in anticipation… and letting a collective sigh, whether out of relief or frustration, when the play is made. If you still are harboring any doubts as to why baseball is America’s pastime, here are five reasons why it’s been cemented into our hearts:

1. It’s easy to follow – There aren’t a lot of tricky plays or schemes in the sport of baseball, making it easy for kids and adults both to not just watch the sport but truly understand what’s happening. Instead of having to scrutinize each play and drag on time-outs for hours, the plays are fast, clean, and easy to understand.

2. You get to eat hot dogs – Come on, you can’t mention baseball without mentioning hot dogs! Every game is an excuse to get a foot-long loaded with mustard and relish to enjoy while you’re sitting in the stands watching yet another home-run sail across the outfield. Paired with a bag of peanuts and an ice-cold beverage and you’ve set the perfect tone for a relaxing, delicious day.

3. It has history – Baseball has been around for hundreds of years, and there aren’t many people who don’t know baseball greats like Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio. Even kids who were born years after these baseball legends have passed on still collect their iconic baseball cards and can recite stats on the players with fervor.

4. It’s a family sport – A day spent at the ballpark with the family paints a picture-perfect summer afternoon. With the kids waving baseball mitts and sporting baseball caps, and everyone decked out in their favorite player’s shirts, it’s a game that appeals to both men and women, young and old alike.

5. It takes the perfect amount of time – Baseball haters have touted that baseball is too long, but in reality most games take about three hours total. That’s just long enough to occupy an afternoon, but short enough that by the time the kids are getting bored its ending. The perfect amount of time for the perfect sport.

While football may be the most popular sport, baseball will always be America’s favorite pastime. You just can’t deny the smile that spreads across your face when that opening pitch is thrown, when you’re favorite pitcher delivers the perfect game, or when a grand slam wins the game in the bottom of the 9th. You may say some other sport, but I say take me out to the ball game!

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