Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pittsburgh Pirates

April: 58 (30th in ML)
May: 89 (30th)
June: 146 (1st)

Home Runs
April: 13 (28th in ML)
May: 25 (19th)
June: 39 (3rd)

April: 2.78 (3rd in ML)
May: 3.58 (8th)
June: 3.97 (17th)

Despite having a disappointing month, they are clearly one of the better pitching teams in baseball.  They never seemed like a real contender because of their inability to score runs (dead last in both April and May). 

Naturally (and shockingly), they scored more runs than any other team in June.  They probably won't lead the league in scoring again, but if they stabilize around #10 in both hitting and pitching (which seems realistic), they have a shot in the NL Central.  It is an amazing story for a francise that hasn't won more than 79 games in any season since 1992.

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