Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playoff Contenders - Part 1

Playoff Contenders (Non Shoe-Ins) Post All Star Break: Ranking ERA, Runs, Average
Braves # 2 ERA, # 9 Runs = 6.5 (average)
Giants 9, 4 = 6.5
D-Backs 11, 6 = 8.5
A's 10, 8 = 9
Cardinals 3, 18 = 10.5
Dodgers 5, 17 = 11
Rays 1, 22 = 11.5
Tigers 15, 10 = 12.5
White Sox 18, 13 = 15.5
Angels 30, 3 = 16.5
Pirates 19, 14 = 16.5
Orioles 16, 19 = 17.5


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