Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Post: Who Is The Most Valuable Player In The American League?

The MVP race is one of the intriguing stories as we head toward the end of the baseball season. There are several players who could very well win the award. Could Josh Hamilton find his way from relapse to redemption? Maybe Mike Trout will take the award. It may even be that a pitcher wins the MVP award this season.

Josh Hamilton

Hamilton is one of the most talented players in the league. He is first in the league in home runs with 40 and is first in the AL in runs batted in with 119. His batting average of .287 puts him within the top 25 in the AL. His story of overcoming personal demons could also help him win some votes.

Miguel Cabrera

Cabrera near the top in the league with a .326 batting average along with 35 home runs and a league leading 116 runs batted in. His 34 doubles also rank him in the top ten in the league. Considering that he is a key piece in the Tigers run for the playoffs, there is no reason why he shouldn't be considered.

Mike Trout

Could a rookie really win the MVP award? It is hard to argue that he hasn't been one of the most valuable players in the league this year. The Angels were floundering before he was called up to the big club in the middle of the season. In 117 games, Trout has 27 home runs, 77 runs batted in and has 44 stolen bases. His .328 batting average is also near the top in the AL. Mark Trumbo could very well be in this conversation as well, but he lacks the stolen base numbers as well as the high batting average.

David Price

Price is certainly going to be a strong candidate for the Cy Young award. While it is rare for a pitcher to win the MVP award, it could always happen. Price is 17-5 with an ERA right around 2.50. Those are the types of numbers that keep teams in games. If he has a dominating month of September, he could at least put himself in the conversation.

The AL MVP race is going to be a tight one throughout the rest of the year. How these players perform in September is going to determine how the voting goes down. Right now, it looks like Hamilton or Cabrera should finish first and second in the voting barring any kind of surprise.

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  1. I think Mike Trout should win it unanimously, but I think some of the voters aren't that smart about baseball. I think the voters will give the award to Cabrera............even tho he has barely more than half the WAR Trout's earned.

  2. I agree, Trout should win. He is the only reason the Angels are at the top and hasn't had a horrible portion of the season like Hamilton. It's all about winning, so I think it will come down to whether Angels or Tigers get into a Wild Card spot to settle the Miggy/Trout race.

  3. I think Mike Trout. But not sure. It just my judgement.

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