Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Post: Who Is The Most Valuable Player In The National League?

As the MLB season starts to wind down, the race for the NL MVP is heating up. Several players are in contention for the coveted MVP crown, and the race should be a good one up until the last days of the season. Here is a look at the front runners for this year’s awards.

Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh Pirates:

McCutchen has easily had one of the best seasons in recent Pittsburgh Pirates history. His .341 batting average and .409 On Base Percentage lead the National League. When you add in his 26 homeruns and 85 RBIs, it is easy to see why opposing pitchers do not like to face McCutchen on a nightly basis. If the Pirates can right the ship and find a way into the playoffs, McCutchen can expect to receive a lot of NL MVP votes.

Buster Posey - San Francisco Giants:

Posey is another player having an exceptional year. Posey is batting .330 with a .404 On Base Percentage, easily the best in both categories among catchers. However, playing out on the west coast may hurt Posey’s chances of claiming an NL MVP award as many baseball fans do not get to see him play on a daily basis.

Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers:

Even though he plays on a mediocre Milwaukee Brewers team, Braun is having one of the best seasons in recent memory. Braun leads the National League in homeruns with 38 and is second in the RBI race with 100. He is just two RBIs shy of Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres, so there is a great chance that Braun will pass Headley before the season is over. The Brewers’ slugger is also batting .311 with a .388 On Base Percentage in a lineup that does not offer much support. If Braun was on a team in contention for a division title, he would easily be running away with the NL MVP race.

Matt Holliday - St. Louis Cardinals:

Holliday is another slugger having a fine season. Holliday is batting .304 with a .379 On Base Percentage for the Cardinals this season. The right handed slugger has also belted 26 homeruns and driven in 94 runs so far this year. If he can have an excellent end to the season and help his team make the postseason to defend their World Series title, Holliday could work his way into the top three in the NL MVP debate.

If the season were to end today, Ryan Braun would more than likely win the NL MVP award. His homerun total and RBI numbers would help set him apart from the rest of the field. While McCutchen is having a great year in Pittsburgh and definitely more important to his team’s success, Braun has had a better year in terms of individual stats. This could help propel him to the top of many voters’ list when they cast their ballots for this year’s NL MVP award.

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