Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What is the the value of having the largest run differential

Biggest Run Differentials, Playoff Results
2012 Nationals (+129)
2011 Yankees (210) Lost ALDS
2010 Yankees (166) Lost ALCS
2009 Dodgers (169) Lost NLCS
2008 Cubs (184) Lost NLDS
2007 Red Sox (210) Won WS
2006 Yankees (163) Lost ALDS
2005 Cardinals (171) Lost NLCS
2004 Cardinals (196) Lost WS
2003 Braves (167) Lost NLDS
2002 Angels (207) Won WS

The Nationals are on pace to have the smallest top run differential of the last ten years (Texas is 2nd at 115).  It hasn't mattered that much, and the two teams that won the world series had much larger run differentials.  The Yankees have suffered from poor pitching and some bad hitting from star players in their playoff losses. 

Are the Nationals built for the playoffs?  They have the pitching, and their hitting has been decent (12th in runs overall, 5th in the 2nd half).  They will suffer from not having Stephen Strasburg and from not having a real closer, but the NL is wide open.

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