Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Underperforming Yankee Hitters in the Postseason

Regular Season OPS, ALDS OPS, Postseason OPS, 2012 Postseason OPS
Mark Teixiera: .896, .829, .662, 1.056
Robinson Cano: .854, .778, .799, .833
Nick Swisher: .828, .702, .612, .500
Alex Rodriguez: .945, .723, .864, .311

Not all of these at bats are with the Yankees for Swisher and A-Rod, but the overwhelming majority were from their time with them.  A-Rod bailed himself out with a couple of great series in 2009, but his batting average in the postseason with the Yankees out of the 2009 ALDS and ALCS is .219.


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