Sunday, March 17, 2013

Breakout Stars in 2013?

4.00+ K/BB, 9+ K/9

Pre All Star Break 2012 (min. 60 inn.)
Cliff Lee (Phillies) 4.90, 9.06
R.A. Dickey (Mets) 4.73, 9.23
Stephen Strasburg (Nationals) 4.57, 11.64
Zack Greinke (Angels) 4.27, 9.00
Cole Hamels (Phillies) 4.07, 9.00

Post All Star Break 2012 (min. 60 inn.)
James Shields (Rays) 4.75, 9.41
Marco Estrada (Brewers) 4.63, 9.07
David Price (Rays) 4.55, 9.06
Jeff Samardzija (Cubs) 4.21, 9.82
Max Scherzer (Tigers) 4.07, 10.96

Most of the names here are not a surprise.  It includes both Cy Young winners from last year and most of the pitchers are well established.  The exceptions are Marco Estrada and Jeff Samardzija, who combined to go 14-20 last year and are a combined 30-38 in their career. 

They are both primed for breakout seasons after finishing so strong in 2012.  It might be easier for Estrada  to win games, though, because the Brewers were 3rd in runs scored last year (and finished 83-79), while the dreadful Cubs were 28th in runs scored (and 61-101).

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