Sunday, June 2, 2013

Low Batting Averages on the Rise

500+ PA, sub-.230 BA (since 2007)
2012: 13
2011: 10
2010: 4
2009: 3
2008: 4
2007: 3

500+ PA, sub-.230 BA (since 1900)
2012: 13
1904: 13
1972: 12
1915: 11
1906: 11
2011: 10
1968: 10
1963: 10
1914: 10
1907: 10

There are currently 25 players with at least 175 PA and a batting average of .230 or less, so the 2012 # could easily be smashed in 2013.


  1. Too many pitchers are used in a 9 inning game, especially compared to the situation back in the 1960s, for example. Is baseball moving toward the lunacy of a team employing 12 pitchers in a 9 inning game? Does MLB baseball really think the fans want the lack of hitting that we saw in baseball in the 1963-1968 period, the so-called Era of the Pitcher? I think not. In the NL, the situation is especially grave. Last time I looked the NL combined batting average was a measily .251 1/2.

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