Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pitching in the 7th Inning or later: 2011-2014

# of teams with 10+ K/9, 7th Inning and later
2011: 0
2012: 0
2013: 0
2014: 9

# of teams with 1.10 WHIP or lower, 7th Inning and later
2011: 0
2012: 1
2013: 1
2014: 8

K/9, 7th Inning and later
2011: 7.78
2012: 8.31
2013: 8.17
2014: 9.10

WHIP, 7th Inning and later
2011: 1.31
2012: 1.28
2013: 1.27
2014: 1.29

The strikeouts keep going up, but the WHIP has stayed very consistent despite a growing number of teams with extremely low WHIP totals.  This can be explained because there are more teams with terrible numbers at the end of the game.  In 2013, the only team at 1.50 or above was Houston. 

In 2014, there are 7 teams at 1.50 or above (Tigers, Royals, D-backs, Cubs, White Sox, Mets, Astros).  It's very early in the season, so a couple of bad games can drag down a team's numbers.  If the bad teams can get their numbers, the league numbers should improve substantially over previous years.


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