Saturday, July 19, 2014

Strikeout-to-Walk Ratio Continues to Rise

2000: 1.74
2002: 1.97
2004: 2.00
2006: 2.04
2008: 2.05
2009: 2.03
2010: 2.19
2011: 2.31
2012: 2.51
2013: 2.53
2014: 2.63

The strikeout-to-walk ratio was remarkably consistent from 2000 to 2009, being right around 2.00 every year.  Since 2010, it has risen slightly more than .1 every year on average.  If that continues, it could reach 3.00 by 2018. 

Of course, it could stop rising or even reverse itself, but there is no reason to think it will in the next few years.  With steroids out of the game and speciality relievers becoming more dominant, it looks like it will a tough couple of years for hitters.


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